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All You Wanted Part 1 - Casmund Fic

Apr. 27th, 2011 | 01:56 pm

Title: All You Wanted
Pairing: Caspain x Edmund
Rating: M (will be at elast)

Warnings: Ummmm this isn't really too grahic yet as far as the sex goes, it will probably go there. I'm warning you now this is not a lighthearted happy fic. It's got some darker themes. And it will develop them. That being said it's not completely dark so please enjoy.

This started off as a drabble...and is fast becoming a really long fic. I don't have a beta so please feel free to point out typos etc. And if you would like to beta let me know. I also love comments and discussion, also if anything is unclear please pelase feel free to ask me.

I've never written a fanfic before so...yeah...onward!!!

Part 1

Edmund moved through the crowd trying to avoid all the bodies writhing around him. He didn’t particularly care for events like these. The throb of the bass jarred his head and always gave him a headache. But Susan liked events like these and he could see her there in the crowd dancing with one boy and then the next. Her hair was whipping around her and he could see that she was sweating as she rubbed up against yet another dance partner.

He scanned the crowd looking for Peter. There he was sitting down in a booth with girls all around him. That hadn’t much changed from their days in Narnia. He knew that Peter was to noble to really do anything with most of those trashed girls, but the offer was always there. He didn’t really envy Peter, he had long ago learned that it didn’t do him any good to be jealous for something he didn’t truly want.

Lucy caught his eye over at the bar and he pushed his way through to stand next to her. She had some sort of fruity drink on the counter safely guarded by her hands. He knew that although she liked crowds and events that this was not her particularly favorite place to be.

“All right there Lu?” He yelled over the noise.

“I’m all right. How are you holding up?” she scanned him anxiously.

Edmund sighed and let his body slump down a bit. Lucy was the only one who knew that he preferred male company to the female bodies that were trying desperately to ensnare him.

Lucy understood on every level, and Edmund didn’t have the nerve to tell Peter or Susan yet. He didn’t think that they would react badly per say. But the thought of them taking it wrong was always there. Yet his siblings weren’t stupid they could have pieced the minute clues together if they truly wanted to. Not that he expected they wanted to.

His eyes drifted back over the crowd. No one here, not even the males, appealed to him. In fact he only felt mild disgust at the drunken messes around him. He couldn’t see anything worthwhile in losing control. He had experience in that, he thought, mouth twisting grimly. Losing control had never given him any comfort and the aftermath was always messier then the few moments of careless abandon.

“Don’t think that way Ed.” Lucy interrupted his thoughts with a smile at him.

“Like what?”

“I could see it in your face. You her thinking about her.” Lucy said meaningfully.

“I can’t help it sometimes Lu. I feel like there are so many things around me that are specifically there to remind me of her.” Edmund said.

Jadis. She permeated his every thought in his weaker moments. He had only been with her for a few days and the damage she had inflicted in those days was monstrous. He didn’t blame her for his aversion to females, he was sure that she was only a violent catalyst in the opposite direction. Simply in the sense that even in Narnia his trust for women, especially beautiful women, was nonexistent. She had left him with scars and wounds that would take a long time to heal.

Wounds that only another person would be able to fully heal. Wounds that burned and ached in the night. Wounds that kept him from taking pleasure with another male. Wounds that made him wish that he had never been born. Wounds that made it impossible to think of anyone, anyone besides him.

He stopped his train of thought. It did no good to remember what once never was and could never be. He had more sense as a king and he still had more sense as a boy.


A cold drink was pressed into his hands. Lucy had bought him a beer. He looked down in surprise.

“Sometimes it’s ok to let go.” Lucy said gesturing that he should drink it.

“Not in my experience.” Edmund muttered bitterly. But he obediently picked it up and started sipping off of it. He didn’t particularly like the taste but he was grateful that it wasn’t a shot of hard liquor. He didn’t really hold his alcohol well.

Lucy finished the last of whatever she had been drinking and walked off to go ask Peter a question. He watched her writhe her way through the floor stopping a few times to say hello to a few school friends.

“Hello can I get you another drink?” A warm voice said from behind him. A warm male voice.

Edmund turned around to see a man standing next to him at the bar. He was leering at him and he supposed he had every right to be confident. He was tall and had softly waved dirty blonde hair, his eyes were a startling blue. He was a good five or six inches taller then Edmund and seemed to be well muscled in his tight jeans and white button down shirt. He oozed sex and confidence.

“I am only half way done with this.” Edmund said tipping the glass in his direction.

“Well perhaps I could interest you in something a little more fun?” the man said gesturing at the bar behind them.

“Like something a little harder?” Edmund said with a raised eyebrow.

The man gave him a measured look. “If you are interested.”

“Vodka then. On the rocks.” Edmund had no idea why he was doing this. Sure the man was attractive but it wasn’t something new. He remembered what Lucy said. Maybe he should let go. Loosen up. Fuck random strangers. He almost laughed out loud at what Lucy would say to his language.

“Here you go.” The man handed it to him and let his fingers linger a few seconds longer then necessary.

The heat of his gaze burned Edmund. Those eyes were not warm and feeling. Eyes that didn’t care for Edmund the man only wanted one thing. This man screamed predator but right now Edmund didn’t care. He wanted to feel. He wanted to have someone close. He wanted to forget those brown eyes. That windswept hair and the lips he had never been able to taste.

Caspian. His mind whirled in agony over remembering him. The one thing that Edmund had truly wanted. The one thing that he could never have. But that was another time and another life, another world where he was someone different. He had been Edmund the Just and the weight of that title and responsibility was something that prevented him from ever even considering approaching Caspian. Here he was nobody a man with no weight. He could do whatever he wished, or whomever he wished. No one would tell Peter or create some scandal from it.

He had watched Caspian on the Dawn Treader watched the way he’d licked his lips as he would stare unseeingly into the water. He had made a habit of watching him, monitoring him, ready to jump in and save him at a moment’s notice. He had wanted, he had ached, and he had burned. But nothing was worth the thought of hurting Caspian. He himself was so damaged, so hurt by the witch, how could he ever give someone else pleasure? All he was good for was watching and helping never for touching.

The thought of touching Caspian in that way sent warm tendrils down into his stomach and further to his groin. He knew that even if Caspian had shown interest it would have been useless. He wasn’t worthy to sully something so bright and beautiful.

“You doing to drink it?” The man sounded amused.

He considered the glass before throwing it back and letting the alcohol burn down his throat. “I’d say yes to a second round.” Edmund let heat seep into his own gaze as he lazily trailed his eyes over his predator.

He shifted and he saw him order another one from the bartender. He could almost feel the mans excitement. He thought he was going to get lucky tonight. Well perhaps he was. Edmund took the next glass and downed that in one go as well.

“Feeling bold?” The man questioned.

“I will in another couple of those.” Edmund replied.

He wanted to forget. He wanted to drink alcohol and then he wanted to lead that man out onto the dance floor and partake in the ritualistic filthiness that most humans reveled in. He wanted to let go, he wanted to run his hands all over this mans body, he wanted to imagine it was Caspian he was grinding up against, that it would be Caspian that he would tease into aching hardness and then pull out of the crowd to rut against a wall in the back hall.

Edmund drank another two of those drinks the man supplied him with in the next ten minutes. The man kept up a steady stream of conversation, from it he gleaned that the man’s name was Adam. He didn’t really get much else out of it because not only was he a lightweight but he couldn’t focus drunk. And he was 30 seconds away from drunk.

“Let’s dance.” Edmund cut Adam off midsentence grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the floor.

He didn’t protest so Edmund was sure that it was ok. He led him into the mass of bodies and moving up against him began to move. He could only do this while he was drunk.

Adam fitted against his back perfectly and he could feel through his clothes that he was already rock hard. Grinding his ass back into him he could feel Adam grabbing at his hips and moaning low against his neck. He didn’t care he kept telling himself. It’s just letting go. He moved his hips with the beat slow and rhythmic and lifted his arms up to tangle in Adam’s hair bringing his mouth down to his neck.

Adam didn’t waste time. He immediately began leaving open mouthed hot kisses against his neck and with a firm grip on Edmund’s hips thrusted in time with his own movements. Closing his eyes Edmund let himself go, let everything disappear and concentrated only on mutual pleasure.

He was grabbed roughly and yanked away from the delicious friction of Adam behind him. He whimpered and opened his eyes. He was staring into angry and heated brown eyes. Eyes that he knew well, eyes that were burning him.
“Caspian.” He breathed.

Caspian looked angry and he was holding onto Edmund’s arm with more force then was necessary.

“Hey what are you doing?” He heard Adam growl behind him.

Edmund was in shock. This could not be real, Caspian could not be standing in front of him in a club in London and he could not be wearing the clothes that he was. Because it was a sin, really it was. Edmunds alcohol infused brain was short-circuiting over the fact that it was Caspian, and Caspian was wearing black dress pants and a white button down shirt, that was open down to his navel. The sleeves were rolled up and his hair looked neatly groomed. He wondered if it was appropriate to drool when drunk.

More importantly the glare he was leveling at Adam was enough to kill a man. He had seen that glare in action before although he had never been on the receiving end.

“He won’t be needing your…services tonight.” The disdain dripping from Caspian’s voice made Edmund flinch.

“Services?” Adam sounded angry.

“It’s alright. “ Edmund said looking back at Adam. “I know him, I’m sorry but we need to go talk. Privately.”

“I don’t think so.” Adam growled grabbing a hold of Edmund’s other arm. “I fuckin’ paid for your expensive alcohol and I am not gonna let you go as it gets good.”

Caspian stiffened. “You have had alcohol?” he searched Edmund’s face for the first time since he grabbed him.

“Jus’ a lil.” Edmund said.

“The point is I paid for this.” Adam snarled digging his nails into Edmund’s skin.

Edmund whimpered at the pain.

“Let. Him. Go.” Caspian snarled eyes flashing.

“Not a chance.”

Caspian reached into his pants with his other hand and pulled out a wallet and opening it pulled out some bills and shoved them against Adam’s chest.

“Compensation.” He said daring the man to challenge him.

Adam grabbed the bills and stared in surprise. “Sure whatever. “ He released Edmund and walked away already scanning for his next target.

Edmund was left alone with Caspian on the middle of the dance floor. He wasn’t sure exactly what had just happened. But Caspian was here, in his world, and that was definitely not possible. And he looked yummy with his shirt hanging open to show off smooth tanned skin… Perhaps it was all a dream? An alcohol induced dream that was making Edmund feel a little sick at this point and a little bit like a cheap whore being passed around.

Caspian leveled his eyes at Edmund and all other thoughts flew out. There was only heat and it worked its way down to his groin and settled there. Pulling on Edmund’s arm he brought him flush up against his body. Edmund could feel all the points that they were pressed together; chest to chest, stomach to stomach. Groin to groin.

“What were you doing?” Caspian hissed.

“What?” Edmund was sure that he was supposed to answer that but he didn’t know how.

“How could you allow yourself to lose control like that? Are you not aware of the dangers? That man had no good intentions I promise. Are you a child or a King?” the cold fury in Caspian’s voice made Edmund’s face flush and then the guilt and shame poured in.

Edmund thought about it. He had known from the beginning that Adam had wanted sex. He knew he was letting go. In his alcohol induced haze he was having a hard time remembering why Caspian thought this was all so bad. The Witch. His face drained of blood. Caspian knew. He must know how tainted and disgusting Edmund was and so he was trying to keep him from sullying anyone else. Fuck him. What did he know? Anger replaced the guilt and shame, squashed it down deep inside of him. Anger was so much easier then facing himself.

“In case you hadn’t noticed there aren’t any King’s in this establishment.” He hissed back angrily.

Caspian drew back a bit in surprise. “Once a King in Narnia always a King in Narnia.” He snarled back.

“That’s rich. Some King I made. I’m not stupid I know the truth.”

“What are you talking about?” Now Caspian just looked confused.

“You think I don’t know what you were implying? You think I don’t know what they all whispered behind my back? Traitor, disgusting, monster, worthless. I’m not stupid.” He laughed hollowly

“Now I really don’t know what you are talking about.”

“It must have been such a disappointment to have Edmund the Blood Traitor back. I’m sure Peter the Magnificent would have been much more appreciated.” He spat.

“Blood traitor?” Caspian looked concerned. “Edmund you have had too much to drink.”

“Why else would you say something like that to me? You know don’t you? You know my shame, my guilt!”

Edmund was yelling now. He was so angry he wanted to hit Caspian, or fuck him. He wasn’t really sure which but either way a voice in the back of his mind was telling him that he would not do either. If he was sober. He needed to get out of here. The alcohol and music combined was making him feel sick and he no longer knew what to think. He should just be grateful he’s even seeing Caspian again let alone getting to talk to him…and touch him.


“I need to go.” He wrenched himself free of Caspian and walked as fast as he could towards the nearest exit. Well he stumbled, that was more accurate. More like he gave the best circus performance ever. Tumbling and bonding back up like some sort of acrobat.

“Edmund!” He could hear Caspian calling after him and he ignored it. He couldn't do this without possession of his mental facilities.

He found the back exit and stepped out into the alleyway with a sigh of relief. He leaned against the back wall and gulped down the fresh air. He needed to be able to think. But he couldn't. He knew for certain that he was never ever drinking that much that fast again.


Edmund looked up shocked into the face of Adam. He was leering and he looked as though he had consumed more alcohol then Edmund had.

“What?” Edmund snapped back. He didn’t have patience to deal with him.

“I don’t think I really got what I wanted.” He was closer now. “I feel a little cheated.”

“Well sorry.”

“You will be.”

Adam grabbed him and slammed him bodily back into the brick wall. He attacked his neck sucking and kissing on it. He grabbed Edmund’s hair yanking his head back to expose more of his throat. Hs other hand tried to grab both of Edmund’s wrists but he was finding that difficult because after the initial shock Edmund was struggling fiercely.

No. No. No. He thought frantically. No. He tried to hit Adam, but he was so much larger than him. He struggled trying to land a blow and Adam paused to laugh.

“No one is gonna come save you. No one is gonna hear you scream.” He whispered in Edmund’s ear, then licked the outer shell.

Edmund struggled and then fell limp feeling tears well up and work their way down his cheeks. He was already so ugly and broken that it didn’t really matter did it? He was disgusting, there was no way that this would truly taint him any more then he was already tainted. Caspian was his only thought. He had never done this before. And now it was being taken from him. Taken.

Adam’s hands and mouth were everywhere with bruising force.

“No.” Edmund whispered.

“NO.” He said a little louder.

“You don’t have a choice!” Adam said pulling back and surveying him with cold eyes.

Edmund made a last attempt at struggling to get away snapping his head back and using his body weight to try and throw him off. It was useless and only resulted in a strong backhand to the side of his head and jaw that left him seeing stars.

I give up. Just make it stop. He felt his eyes close. Let it end.


Adam was wrenched away from him and with a gasp he fell to the ground shaking. It sounded like a fight was happening but he didn’t have the strength to look up. Then there were hands on his shoulders trying to pull him up.

“NO!” He screamed trying to wrench himself free. “NO. NO. NO.”

He was sobbing now. Twisting and writhing doing anything he could to escape.

“Edmund. Edmund.” Caspian’s frantic voice came through his haze.

He looked up finally into fearful brown eyes. Caspian’s eyes. Caspian. He wouldn't hurt him would he? Was Caspian safe for him?


Sep. 24th, 2010 | 03:22 pm

Shunichi Miyamoto (Discography)

 Alright so Shunichi Miyamoto is one of my all time favorites. I love him, I love his voice, I love his music, I love his compositions, everything.
He has such a beautiful breathy voice, I love how when he sings i feel like he's singing directly to me. Not just that but he pulls my heartstrings. Even if you can't understand all the words he is singing you might find yourself crying. I am not much into ballads but he sings some of the most beautiful ballads ever.

Under the cut find the most amazing music and person EVER:



For someone needs Love

1. Umi no Komoriuta (8/10)
2. Nemurenai Yoru wo Koete (8/10)
3. Everytime I Miss You (9/10)
4. Saigo no Kiss (1000000/10)
5. Usotsuki
6. Nijiiro Masukara
7. Happy Birthday To You
8. Yes, My Love
9. Eien (live version)
10. Deau Mae no Youni

Well we've already established i'm in love with him and his music but I do feel like I shoul say something about this 'mini-album'
Obviously his stuff isn't JUST piano (although if it were my way it would be) So not every track on here is just him and the piano, but it is all ballads. And has a soft feel to it, jazzy easy breezy....
But anyways the CD is breathtaking, I can really tell he's growing and changing as an artist and experimenting with new things. If anything his voice has become more mature and beautiful.


ANGES (Angels)



1. The Way to Myself (English version of Michishirube)
2. Run Deeper!
3. Kaerubeki Basho
4. Soba ni Irareru Nara
5. Never, So Far Away
6. Anges
7. Soba ni Irareru Nara (Starlight Version)
8. Caged Bird (Live Version)
9. Byakuya -True Light- (Live Version)
10. Michishirube*

* This track was supposed to be on here but on the version i got it wasn't so i had to hunt it down online.
Note: So this isn't the official tacklisting it's just the tracklisting for the version I found. It's really hard to find his stuff.....T.T
Anyways Iadore The Way to Myself even thoguh his English is absolutely horrendous (as in his accent). But it moves me to tears. Literally (and that's embarassing). Soba ni Irareru Nara is another personal favorite from this album, as well as Caged Bird, Michishirube, and Byakuya.


Saigo no Kiss
[11.17.2004] Saigo No Kiss (最後のkiss)]



1. 最後のKiss
2. うそつき
3. 最後のkiss (ピアノ弾き語りVer.)
4. うそつき (アコースティックギターVer.)
5. 最後のkiss (Instrumental)
6. うそつき (Instrumental)


Byakuya ~True Light~



1. Byakuya ~True Light~
2. Byakuya ~True Light~ Piano Version
3. Byakuya ~True Light~ Acoustic Version
4. Byakuya ~True Light~ TV Version
5. Byakuya ~ True Light~ Karaoke Version



Talkin' Piano


1. Izuko He
2. Fuuketsu
3. Sameta Coffee
4. Kaerubeki Basho -Piano Reprise-
5. Misty Rain



Piano n' Piano


01. 即興曲第1番「秋」
02. 即興曲第2番「冬」
03. 即興曲第3番「春」
04. 即興曲第4番「夏」
Piano'n Piano 即興小曲集
05. 生きる喜び
06. What shall I do?
07. 母の気持ち
08. 季節の狭間
09. Early summer night
10. 星の逢瀬
11. 月の砂漠
12. 今もあなたを�
13. 未来のコンビニ
14. 守るべきもの
15. 不幸は何かと役に立つ
16. 喝!!
17. Fly above the city
18. Inside of Christmas
19. Wouldn't like to be a man
20. 始まる!
21. Blue sky
22. 新しい道
23. 卒業
24. Happy Birthday to me
25. 愛の夢 第3番F.Liszt

Note: This is ONLY piano. Stuff that he composed.


Anyways please enjoy!
I am missing a few of his things so if you have it or find it comment or PM me please!


Nov. 2nd, 2009 | 12:35 am
music: 3 - Britney Spears

So I was perusing around today and i was like WTF?
So i admit I watch Anime I read Manga, I love it!!!!
Occasionally I visit FanFiction.net and I like to flip through stories and I came across one that was rather humorous. It was in the Naruto section (which has 213,000 stories by the way!!!) and I decided to look through the SasuNaru stories, I'm not a big BXB fan but I think Tite Kubo seriously intends for them to be together inadvertently and I found this story that was making fun of how many stories dedicated to SasuNaru there were. At least 22, 147!!!!!!
22,147 stories about Sasuke and Naruto!!!!!!!
They are like the most popular couple EVER!!!
It's a FRICKIN CULT!!!!!!!!!!

I can't get over how ridiculous that is. FOR REALS!!! People need lives!!!!
GAWSH, frickin crazies.
317, pages of like 20 per page stories.....
What is the world coming to?




Oct. 31st, 2009 | 11:44 pm
mood: jubilant jubilant
music: sad to say - JASMINE

 Well I have officially fallen in love with JASMINE. She is AMAZING!!! Her music is really catchy and I abuse it to the max. I've had her first release 'sad to say' stuck in my head and on repeat for DAYS. Also she just had a second single release a few days ago. Which I also ADORE. But not quite as much as sad to say. So I will be sharing her small (for now!) discography. I'm missing music videos but I hope I'll be able to find a HQ or HD version of them soon! :)

It's sort of a breezy pop/R&B song, but she has a really powerful and attractive voice. It's not to high, I sometimes have a hard time with voices that are too high or bubbly, you know that cliche bubble gum pop voice? However JASMINE has a rough and raw edge to her voice that I am enchanted with, and she writes her own lyrics and music!!!! YAY!!!! She was instantly popular and I can see why. Another thing that is awesome is her no nonsense lyrics, she doesn't curb the edge at all. One thing I notices after listening to it for so long is that it has that initial nice strong catchy beat but through the whole song it has a legit piano scene going on. Pretty much the whole song could be broken into this piano part. LOVE IT!!!

So I've decided to post the lyrics for 'sad to say' and the romaji and original Japanese for you as well! :)

Please enjoy!

sad to say
10/10 (SUPER LOVE)

01.sad to say 10/10
02. i'm in luv wit u [1989 remix] 9/10
03. koi 9/10
04. i'm in luv wit u [laid back remix] 9/10 

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zxi2zrnidyo



01. no more 8/10
02. CLUBBIN 10/10
03. What you want 7/10

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?utf4yzm4uoz

Also very good!! ^^


Note* I did NOT translate this I found it online!


Lyrics: JASMINE, Jeff Miyahara
Music: JASMINE, Jeff Miyahara, Atsushi

Cry Cry, I embrace unrequited love, it’s frustrating no matter how much I cry
The time is over ! Time is over! It’s useless to cry over it
I tore my memories apart, they can eat shit for all I care

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, It’s over
I just want to be beside you again
sad to say, time’s just passing by
It’s always rainin since you’ve been away (come back to me)

My heart was almost broken with f‥kin’ sorrow x2
Damn, I’m gonna cry, I wonder what you’ll be thinking about when I do
Even though I have questions, it’s sad to say bye bye
Even though we should have talked it out, it was sad to say good bye
I hate you so much, I feel like a fool, I really wanna hit you
You don’t know i was cryin’ 4 you
Even if I scream out, even if you hear me, I know it’ll crush me
But if it can help me smile
Then I guess it’s okay, hey, who are you? What did you leave me for?
if u dont wanna say

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, It’s over
I just want to be beside you again
sad to say, time’s just passing by
It’s always rainin since you’ve been away (come back to me)

What did you feel when I was around? Did you hear a voice asking for love?
Even if I struggle something’s left behind that can’t be erased, what can I do?
I can’t let go, it’s like I’m clinging onto you, I cry 4 you
I don’t want to make it worse so I can’t say it, I really miss you
Your words collapse like they were brittle
“i love you,” You don’t know I have believed in you
Believing is weak, your hollow shell makes me so angry, I’m smiling
Without you somewhere, hey, why’d you do it? Why did you leave
Pretty memories inside me for?

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, It’s over
I just want to be beside you again
sad to say, time’s just passing by
It’s always rainin since you’ve been away (come back to me)

Cry Cry, I embrace unrequited love, it’s frustrating no matter how much I cry
The time is over ! Time is over! It’s useless to cry over it
I tore my memories apart, they can eat shit for all I care

It wasn’t supposed to be like this, It’s over
I just want to be beside you again
sad to say, time’s just passing by
It’s always rainin since you’ve been away (come back to me)

I’m cryin’ everynight and everyday, It’s over
I wanna bring it back to yesterday, again
Touch my heart and make it better for me
It’s always rainin’ since you’ve been away (come back to me)


Megumi Ogata

Oct. 13th, 2009 | 02:05 pm

 Back in the day when I was younger I watched all the classic older anime shows, and while doing that I fell in love with Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho (not many girls didn't). Anyways a long time ago I knew very little about his voice actor but I had a few of the Yu Yu Hakusho songs that were available for download. 
I found out that the voice actress was Megumi Ogata. I thought oh thats nice, didn't realize a woman could sound that good, and that was the end of it...or was it?
Recently Iw as rewatching Sailor Moon (yes I know its amazing) and i realized that Haruka (Sailor Uranus) sounded really familiar and kind of sexy so I looked it up and what do you know it was Megumi Ogata!!!! So i quickly began doing research on her and realize she has played a lot of characters I love and actually has quite a few CD's of her own.
I was a bit overwhelmed and realize that its' true that this woman has the sexiest voice EVER! So i have decided to make it my personal endeavor to accumulate ALL of her CD's. Which could take a while because everywhere I look its all locked up or taken down and does not exist anymore.
So I will continue the search acquire EVERYTHING shes done and then when I can't find anymore online I will start buying all of it thats available. (Most is out of print). Then I will post it ALL. Onto my journal using mediafire. Then I will create  new community for her. Ont that community (giving proper credit of course) I will post all of her music, scans, pictures, lyrics, and translations(many of which I will have to do myself).
So wish me luck! This is going to be a looonnngggg endeavor!


Music for the Loves: Gackt: Love Letter&Crescent, UVERworld, Utada, BATTLE, Jay Chou, Tank, DBSK

Feb. 10th, 2009 | 11:09 pm
music: Make This Go On Forever- Snow Patrol

OK round of some uploads that I am slowly posting....:)
Feel free to take anything you'd like, please comment. It makes the effort feel worth it!
Japanese Music:
Gackt- Crescent


Gackt- Love Letter




Tohoshinki(Dong Bang Shin KI)- Bolero

Two Random Bonus Songs:

Prisoner of Love- Utada Hikaru
Prisoner of Love(Piano Version)- Utada Hikaru

Tank- Dou Niu, Yao Bu Yao
This song is from the Taiwanese Drama of the same name. I absolutley adore it and highly recommend it to everyone!!!

Jay Chou- Capricorn

His newest album I do believe. It's pretty good there was one song that was so-so but for the most part it is amazing.

Battle- 3rd Single- Step By Step

Love it!!!!

That's it for now loves. I'll put more up soon when my class load gets lighter.~

First Post Ever!!!-- Sharing: Battle Singles 1&2

Jan. 13th, 2009 | 09:11 pm

Sharing the first two singles by the Korean group Battle.
I really do love this band and I plan on getting the third single soon and uploading it. I got these over a year ago I think. They only have three singles. I highly recommend them. They are a pleasant surprise. Five stars!!! :)
Please Comment if you take!!!

There first single is called Crash.

1. Crash(Crazy in Love)
2. Icarus
3.Flying Up

Seond Single:
Tell Me!

1. Tell me!
2. Hey Yo
3. Broken Heart